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RAW Empowerment Productions

Motivational Speaking | Empowerment | Transformation ​|Inspiring


RAW is one of the first spiritual and artistic entertainment concepts of its kind. It is designed to EMPOWER and EDIFY the individual, while enhancing the collective consciousness. RAW has TRANSFORMED, INSPIRED, and EMPOWERED the lives of thousands through performances, acting classes, keynote speaking, seminars, books and CD's. 

 Mission Statement

We help individuals and corporations develop the strategy, motivation and accountability required to succeed in their professional and personal lives.



RAW is dedicated to producing creative works that strengthen the soul of humanity, supporting individuals who are ready to pursue their personal greatness and providing solutions for corporations who value holistic training for their employees and professional partners.

Private Life Coaching

Seminars & Workshops

The Color Of Inspiration

The RAW movement is handling kingdom business in a brand new way...


Our company sees each contract as a valuable partnership with a desire to create a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. This approach helps to provide greater benefits by increasing your company’s profits through referrals and repeat business created by this longevity.


RAW Empowerment establishes a price point that reflects the high value we deliver with consistency, clarity, and effectiveness. We also have flexible pricing with the unique “made-to-order” servicing plans that allow us to meet your needs at a level of investment that fits most budgets. 

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