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We provide drama coaching and effective life skills development using drama therapy techniques. As a result of working with us, hundreds of actors and non-actors alike have discovered their power, uncovered limiting beliefs, released blocks and faced fears in order to approach their work and life with truth, vulnerability, and unapologetic boldness.


Past acting clients have been seen on Necessary Roughness, House of Payne, Crazy, Sex, Cool... the TLC story, Let's Stay Together, supporting role in Firelight with Cuba Gooding, Jr.(Yakini Horne), series regular on Orange is the New Black (Vicky Jeudy), Velma Brown, Get On Up (Jacinte Blakenship) and more.


Personal greatness clients have experienced faster divorce recovery, increased enthusiasm for life, clarity of purpose, heightened awareness, and successful personal reinventions. Other benefits include increased focus, reduced stress levels, improved communication skills, and expanded creativity.  

uncover your



with Drama Therapy sessions and other inspirational tools that bring CLARITY, DIRECTION, and PURPOSE.

stop talking


”All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players…”

                     -William Shakespeare


Nearly 20 years as a drama therapy specialist has proven that ultimately we are all actors. We play different roles in our lives, wear multiple hats, have varying personas... parent, spouse, friend, etc. Each “role” requires us to “act” differently.


Approaching life with an artistic understanding of your creative power allows you to act in a way that makes your life work. It also makes the Art of Living fulfilling, vibrant, and fun.

With that in mind, I'd like to invite you to check out my YouTube Channel. I hope it will be of service to you by giving you proven acting techniques that can help you live your life with Intention, Motivation and Action.


Feel free to subscribe to this website and pass it along to anyone who could use a daily diet of artistic inspiration!


Peace and Increase, Nevaina



The Drama-free Drama Coach & Personal Greatness Guru 

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Your Greatess actor.


The RAW Drama therapy based technique gives the actor an experience that EMPOWERS, CHALLENGES, and CHANGES.


Go on a journey to the place where great actors dwell... a place free of judgment, inhibitions, and restraint... where the lines between life and art are delicately and willfully blurred to create characters that are multi-dimensional and alive.


The exploration of emotions and events in the life of the actor brings life to the acted words in magical way.

Life is ART

Art is LIFE.


Whether you are an actor looking to make acting your life's work, or a non-actor looking to make your life work...The RAW technique, with it's unique foundation of drama therapy, is the perfect alchemy of imagination and realization.  Create...liberate... live...breathe... let us make you BELIEVE. Let's make magic and cre8 gr8 together!





I appreciate you so much... your talent, your spirit, your work ethic.


Jasmine Guy,

Actor | Director | Activist

When I am in town... this is the only place that I study... this woman here, is the truth.


Cedric Pendleton

Entrepreneur | Actor

House of Payne

Fantasia Barrino Story

True Blood



OMG! I had the best time... You bless me every time you open your mouth.


Sheree Wooden

Actor | Business Woman 



From the moment you opened your mouth and began to speak, I knew you were going to bless us.


Bessie A Winn-Afeku

Founder, She is Me Program Inc.





From the opening by the souful vocalist and the talented guitarist, to Ms. Rhodes closing thoughts and sharing of the stories of women from the Bible, this was a well-done event... Thank you for reminding me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.


Clarissa Smith

Artist Advocate

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